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Crisis in America

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, over 2.5 million children are in foster care.

Every day, children age out of foster care into homelessness, prostitution, gangs, drugs, and prison. They have no support systems and nowhere to go.

Children that age out of foster care face a 40% chance of going into a life of crime.

They're 5x more likely to end up homeless than their peers and twice as likely to engage in sex trafficking.

The world's children in foster care and the children that age out suffer from hopelessness and commit suicide at a sickening rate.

This is a never-ending issue that not only affects the country but will soon have an impact on our economy.

The time has come to start evaluating the social and economic costs along with radical change.

Think we could do better? We agree.

The mission is to serve children and young people who have been deemed lost; this is the purpose of DaCozee.


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